What measures has The Domain taken since the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Domain Abilene has always included cleaning services in its offering, but due to COVID-19, each location is now sanitizing all common areas frequently and seating has been arranged to allow for social distancing. Our locations are open and ready to help you grow your business in a safe, clean environment that you feel comfortable in. Please contact us regarding any specific questions.

Are Shared Desks still available?

Yes, each shared desk is sanitized after each use so you can be assured the desk is clean when you arrive. Choose a seat that is socially distant from another member and you are all set to get down to work.

How are Meeting Rooms being cleaned?

Our Meeting Rooms are cleaned after each use. We now book meeting rooms with a 15 min gap to ensure time to clean.

Virtual Office FAQs

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is defined as a membership plan within a coworking space that includes a professional business address. Having a business address gives members the ability to send and receive mail professionally as opposed to using their personal home address for their business, adding an air of professionalism to business endeavors. Virtual office plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses that don’t require an office setting every day, but desire a professional business presence for those times when they need to schedule client or even vendor meetings. This could be the perfect solution for those in industries such as photography, video production, blogging, real estate, programming, graphic design, law, and consulting, just to name of few. Some virtual office memberships serve to establish a presence for businesses in different markets in order for businesses to expand their brands to different geographical locales without the expense of renting or leasing office space when they don’t really need it yet.

What sets a virtual office space apart from a PO Box or Mail Business Center is the ability to rent meeting rooms or conference rooms when needed for presentations or collaborations with others. Virtual office memberships at The Domain include access to meeting rooms at member rates for those times when it’s necessary to sit down and meet with clients in a professional space. Virtual office members can also purchase day pass access, at member rates, to common areas when needed.

How much does a virtual office cost?

If you need a professional mailing address, with mail handling services, but not a physical workspace, a virtual office plan at The Domain Abilene may be right for you. Virtual office plan pricing varies depending on location, region, and market prices. A perfect entry into a coworking space environment, virtual office solutions offer businesses that don’t require an office every day, a professional mailing address and an upscale space to meet with clients. With access to conference rooms and day passes available at member rates you always have a place to work for the day or the week, if needed.

Growing businesses looking to expand into new markets that don’t want to take on the expense or the time required to set up a new location can opt for a virtual office plan in The Domain coworking space in different cities. Connecting to The Domain business community in various locales can give your company the exposure you need in new markets to grow your brand’s footprint. Establishing a presence in different locales with a virtual office membership will help you put down roots in new territories.

From a virtual office plan, it’s easy to transition to a community space, a shared desk, a dedicated desk or a private office plan, as your company grows and your needs change. Flexible, monthly membership plans allow you to configure a combination of plans that work for each phase of your business growth. Visit The Domain for more information regarding membership plans and pricing.

What are virtual office services?

In coworking spaces, virtual office services refer to membership plans that include a professional mailing address with mailing services. Virtual office plans are ideal for businesses that don’t actually need to set up an office to work in every day. Tech startups, freelancers, and some independent contractors, who do most of their business online, may not need to gather to work each day, but may need a professional setting in order to meet with clients and team members and a mailing address.

Virtual office services in coworking spaces also allow businesses to establish a presence in new business communities in order to advance their opportunities for new business with exposure in those areas in addition to their home bases. Virtual office services, included in virtual office plans, help members connect with their coworking communities. Day passes to use the actual facilities are available for virtual office members along with conference room rentals.

Some individuals and businesses start out with virtual office plans in order to explore the coworking experience but then move into community plans, shared desk plans, dedicated desk plans, and private office plans. With flexible monthly contracts, companies can change their plans to accommodate their needs as their businesses grow and expand. The Domain’s coworking space feature virtual office services that establish your business in well-appointed spaces in upscale neighborhoods.

With a professional address, mail handling and connections to the The Domain’s community, your business will be on its way to expanding. The Domain’s scalable, monthly plans help your business move from one successful phase to the next in a place you’ll love to work.

What is virtual office address?

A virtual office address refers to a membership plan in a coworking space that establishes a professional mailing address for businesses or individuals, hence a virtual office address. Ideal for businesses and individuals that don’t really need a physical, brick and mortar address, but need a place to occasionally receive mail and meet staff or clients periodically. This gives them the prestige of an office with minimal cost while projecting their business in a professional light.

For business professionals that work from home, a virtual office address separates your home address from your business address. Promoting a more professional profile for your business. Having a virtual address also safeguards your home business and your loved ones from unwanted or unexpected visitors. A virtual office address, part of a virtual office membership plan, also includes mail handling and processing while connecting you with your coworking community. Business professionals can take advantage of their virtual office address to meet with customers and potential clients in a convenient upscale location with all the amenities needed to make a great impression.

Some businesses opt for a virtual office address in order to establish their businesses regionally and grow their brands. A virtual office address gives you access to coworking spaces in locations other than your home base, in order to expand your brand’s footprint. Day passes are available for common areas in coworking spaces that help your business when traveling or simply need to use more space than comes with your plan. Conference and meeting rooms are available at member rates for virtual office plan members, as well.

Starting out with a virtual office plan can help you get a feel for a coworking space before you move up into other membership plans that scale with you as your business expands. At The Domain, our virtual office address situates you in stylish, design-forward locations you’ll like as your professional business address.

What are the benefits of a virtual address?

Many coworking spaces offer a membership option known as a virtual office plan. Virtual Office plans may include a prestigious, professional mailing address (also known as a virtual address), mail and package handling services, digital mail scanning and delivery, in addition to a private, locked mailbox and other benefits. While a base plan doesn’t include access to desk space in the coworking space, some plans do include day passes. Businesses can also rent conference rooms or other spaces at member rates, making it convenient to meet with clients in the upscale, professional environment that coincides with their business’s virtual address. A virtual address is perfect for individuals and businesses that don’t necessarily need a space to work each day and/or individuals that work from home. A virtual address enhances your business’s professional image and can be used on business cards, letterheads, your website, and other corporate identity collateral. As many shared, flexible workspaces are located in central business districts or upscale business neighborhoods, a virtual address connects your business to your business community. Enhanced Virtual Office plans at The Domain may also include live receptionist answering services, access to other locations, and inclusion in events hosted by your coworking community. For some businesses that want to expand into new markets, a virtual address allows these businesses to establish a presence in other potential locations. By connecting with local business communities, businesses can test the waters to determine if certain markets will be a good fit for their companies. If you travel for your business, a virtual address ensures your mail is handled and not sitting outside your door. . A virtual address also helps you put down some roots in your business community and gives you a peek into what flexible workspace is for when your needs grow.

Why choose The Domain Abilene for a virtual office?

When choosing a virtual office plan, you should first consider the location. Is it in a respectable neighborhood, with a prestigious address? Do you like the feel or the tone of the coworking space you are considering? What is the community like? What are the people like? Is the space well managed? Are there individuals and companies that represent a diverse range of cultures and industries? If you travel for business, will you have access to other locations in other cities? The Domain’s virtual office plans make a great choice as an initial foray into the flexible, shared space office model. With flexible, monthly contracts, you can upgrade to a shared desk space, dedicated space or private office in design-forward, upscale contemporary office surroundings, when your company grows beyond its current bounds. If you’re looking to open an office in a new market, The Domain’s locations make an ideal place to test the waters before setting up workspaces for remote employees or establishing roots in designated locales. If your company doesn’t need an actual place to work from each day, The Domain’s virtual office plans offer an address upgrade, secure mail and package handling services, and access to locations near the heart of cities and central business districts, all over the country and around the world. The Domain’s diverse communities create a wide range of possibilities for collaboration and opportunities to expand your brand. As part of The Domain community, you are included in our educational and networking events hosted by our resourceful Community Managers and other members. The Domain also offers meeting room rentals at member rates for meetings with clients or your remote teams. Free day passes are included in The Domain’s Enhanced Virtual Office plans and additional day passes are available at member rates, as well.

Coworking FAQs

What is coworking?

Coworking is a business office concept that combines the independence of working on your own with the more structured setting of a traditional office environment. Born in San Francisco in 2005, coworking is the brainchild of software engineer Brad Neuberg who was going through a rough financial patch and was trying to figure out what he wanted to do. Neuberg’s idea came about because he was looking to balance the feeling of freedom and independence when working by himself with the feeling of community and structure only attainable when working with others. His plan developed and the idea took off.

Coworking has gained popularity due to the inherent benefits of working in a group setting. It meets the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, tech startups, and other remote workers across countless industries who are looking to balance their workspaces with their home lives. A real benefit of The Domain Abilene is elimination of the distractions of working at home (i.e., dog barking, kids crying, TV playing in the background, etc.). In addition to working around like-minded professionals, The Domain Abilene offers a synergy sparked by community involvement and collaboration. The ability to network with others is a major draw for those who work out of The Domain Abilene because they are able to bounce ideas off other professionals and have also found opportunities for growing their business through collaboration with fellow coworking professionals. According to a 2015 Harvard Business Review article, a majority of coworkers surveyed say coworking helps increase motivation and productivity, as well as increasing their social networking statuses. The Domain Abilene offers multiple membership plans to meet the needs of businesses at any stage of their development.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is defined as a business office concept where independent contractors, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes work in the same location. Various businesses and individuals from different industries often share these flexible office spaces. The term “coworking space” was coined in 2005, by Brad Neuberg who started the coworking space movement in San Francisco. Coworking spaces evolved, partially as a reaction to the isolation experienced by telecommuters, entrepreneurs, tech startups, freelancers and other small- to medium-sized business owners who usually worked from home or a coffee shop. Coworking spaces meant fewer distractions and a better environment to focus on the necessary tasks. The flexible, monthly contracts appeal to individuals and companies who want to benefit from the synergy generated in a community environment of like-minded professionals that fosters networking and collaboration. Without a doubt, one of the most talked-about benefits of conducting business in a coworking space is the endless opportunities to network.

Coworking space memberships at The Domain Abilene are structured on a monthly basis and include business-class printers and copiers, super-fast Internet, a professional business address where mail and packages can be received, along with a variety of amenities including complimentary coffee and water, community spaces, in addition to community managers who offer concierge-level assistance and many other benefits. The Domain Abilene’s coworking spaces have provided today’s business leaders an option to work remotely close to home or even a professional office space to work in while traveling to meet with clients and vendors in other cities. Contact The Domain Abilene to schedule a tour and learn about the perks of working at The Domain.

What does coworking mean?

Coworking spaces started in 2005 as a response to the rising cost of office spaces meeting the need for remote workers, tech startups, freelancers, and other small businesses to share desk spaces and office spaces in a community setting. Since 2005, the popularity of coworking has literally changed the nature of the way people like to work. The potential for networking and collaboration built into the community atmosphere of coworking spaces helps to inspire members towards their professional goals. Studies have shown that working alongside other like-minded business professionals actually increases productivity, as well as contributing to a healthy work-life balance. With flexible monthly rates, members can move right in and get down to business without the expense to lease and outfit their own office spaces.

What is shared office space?

Shared office spaces are modeled on the concept of two or more businesses or individuals working in the same physical location at the same time. Synonymous with coworking spaces, shared office spaces started to gain popularity when a number of entrepreneurs, tech startups, small independent businesses and freelance professionals desired places to work that were separate from their home spaces. In the early 2000s, with commercial real estate lease prices rising rapidly in reputable neighborhoods, small businesses, startups, and freelance professionals welcomed the idea of working around other like-minded professionals.

Traditional office spaces lacked the community element that formed an integral part of what software engineer, Brad Neuberg coined as “coworking” for his San Francisco Coworking Company, in 2005. Neuberg’s idea of combining the freedom of working independently, as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or freelancer with the community feel of traditional office settings.

In addition to saving a considerable amount of money not needing to set up an office, with all of the technology, business machinery, and amenities required to do business, day-to-day, The Domain’s shared office space members can focus on their core business initiatives, developing new products or services, instead of wasting time running and maintaining an office. Visit The Domain Abilene to schedule a tour of your new, favorite place to work.

Who uses coworking spaces?

The short answer is coworking can and does work for a variety of industries and postitions. More specifically, professionals from a vast array of industries, from individuals or freelancers to small- to medium-sized businesses to large companies are finding coworking to be a great solution for their needs. Large corporations are getting into the act, contracting coworking space companies, such as The Domain Abilene, to develop floors of business spaces, as well as entire buildings with the coworking community environment in their design. For the affordable rates of coworking space memberships, remote corporate teams can work together in well-appointed spaces for the length of a project or use the space as an office whenever needed.

A diverse group of business professionals inhabit The Domain Abilene’s coworking spaces today. The popularity of coworking spaces is in part due to the different industries and businesses represented by a coworking space’s membership. Independent law firms and healthcare professionals share a workspace with tech and IT companies, marketing firms, freelance photographers, web designers, copywriters, and many other professionals. Fitness and healthcare publishers, along with independent financial services professionals, and restaurant owners also use coworking spaces. Schedule a tour of your The Domain Abilene and learn more about who’s in it to win it in your community.

What makes a good coworking company?

The inspiration you get when you go to work each day is a good indication that you’ve chosen a good coworking company. Other important things to consider include:

  • Community – About that inspiration…Definitely find a coworking space that’s populated with people you resonate with and who motivate you to do your best work. A diverse coworking community should be a welcoming place where creativity fosters innovation. The culture of a coworking community depends on a healthy environment that encourages members to give and take advice, learn from each other, and help each other succeed.
  • Location – Working at a place that’s central to the local business community helps your business make its mark in the community at large. Situated in or near shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities are convenient and allow you to support your local businesses while also expanding your brand’s footprint in the process.
  • The Space – Good coworking companies design with the worker in mind. Unlike most coworking spaces, The Domain Abilene wants to inspire you towards your every success, with the best of the best. Well-appointed spaces in contemporary, upscale surroundings are ideal for bringing out the best in your business. With super-fast Internet, mailing services, business class office machines, and community managers to assist you, you can focus on your core business initiatives and leave the rest to us. Meeting with clients in our boutique hotel-style reception area, you’ve already impressed your client. With everything you need to do business, it’s our business to seamlessly run in the background and help you grow your business.
  • Amenities – A good coworking company pampers its members with all of the amenities required for the workday. Complimentary water, coffee, and tea service should be the minimal in amenities. Catered breakfast or lunch on some days is definitely a plus. At The Domain, we also provide in-house cafe and lounge areas, perfect for catering purposes. A good coworking company employs resourceful community managers that help with any hiccups you may encounter in your work day.

How does a coworking space work?

Coworking spaces function on a monthly membership basis. Businesses and individuals choose the type of membership that fits their business needs. For some professionals, such as tech startups and freelancers who don’t need a place to work every day, a plan that gives these members access to their coworking facility several times a week or month might be just the right plan. For others, who need a daily spot for work, away from their homes, a flexible monthly plan fits perfectly. For other teams that may need to work together in the same place each day for several months at a time, a dedicated space offers a semi-private work environment. For businesses that wish to rent an entire office they can lock, private offices are available. In some coworking spaces, larger companies can relocate their offices to an entire floor of a coworking space for the community benefits. These benefits range from attending the events hosted at your coworking company, cleaning and maintenance services, access to a network of members, as well as access to dining and community areas.

How does shared office space work?

The term “shared office space” is almost interchangeable with coworking spaces. In fact, a lot of shared office spaces also offer dedicated desk and shared desk options, along with virtual office plans. The difference is that some shared office spaces are just that – A building with redundant spaces that can be rented out as private offices or work stations. Some shared office spaces are based on a membership plan and some rent by the hour. Member services depend largely on the company who rents out shared office spaces.

Why coworking spaces work?

Coworking spaces work because business professionals, as well as most folks, work better in the company of other like-minded professionals than they do in isolation. In theory, coworking spaces developed out of the need for remote workers, tech startups, and other work-from-home professionals to separate their home lives from their work lives. In addition to relieving symptoms of isolation and improving work-life balance, business professionals who joined coworking spaces found that the energy and camaraderie of coworking spaces motivated them towards success more than working alone. A healthy competitive nature motivates some people to perform at a higher level when working alongside other business owners who are working towards the same goals. For many coworking members, feeling like part of a community adds value to their lives by improving their outlook on life. Many coworking business owners say they have increased the size of their networks exponentially due to the nature of coworking spaces. Some people feel more in control of their businesses in coworking spaces, rather than like a small cog in a big wheel in a traditional office space. Coworking space members stay engaged with growing their businesses more than employees in a traditional office space who sometimes feel detached from their part in a big picture.

Coworking vs. traditional office?

Part of the popularity of coworking spaces lies in a reaction to traditional office spaces by young people entering the workforce in the mid-nineties. As the number of tech startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners increased, the need for affordable office spaces turned into the phenomenon we now know as coworking spaces. Coworking members are drawn to the creative, collaborative atmosphere, inherent in shared workspaces. Members gain exposure and form relationships in the community beyond the coworking space, finding it easier to establish their brands in the community, through these connections. Traditional office workers can become disenchanted with their work as it becomes too routine. Because coworking has been shown to increase productivity and spark the creative process, many corporations and large businesses are experimenting with changing up the day to day for better employee performance.

Home office vs. coworking?

When working remotely became an option for some businesses, the idea of working at home seemed like the greatest idea ever because you could work at home – in your pajamas. Both contract workers and businesses liked the idea of saving money on setting up offices for in-house team members and team members liked saving money on business attire, lunches, and transportation. It worked until small business owners, freelancers, and tech startups realized that the distractions of a home-based office could keep you from growing your business. This, in combination with the lack of interacting with other business people and feeling out of the professional community loop, led a lot of small business owners to establish a space away from their homes to work. Due to the expenses involved in leasing and outfitting office spaces in a good neighborhood, someone came up with the idea of sharing spaces and coworking provided affordable office spaces, working in a community of business professionals with the same goals of growing their success.

What does a coworking space cost?

Coworking space membership costs at The Domain Abilene vary based on the chosen membership plan from location to location. Any coworking membership plan chosen will cost a fraction of the expense involved in leasing or renting an office space in a desirable, up and coming neighborhood and outfitting it with the necessary office and conference room furniture, office equipment (i.e., phones, computers, printers, copiers, etc.), office supplies and all of the amenities (i.e., coffee, super-fast Internet, cleaning service, etc.) offered at The Domain Abilene’s coworking space.

Coworking space costs at The Domain Abilene are based on the type of plan and go from community memberships at a lower cost to private office membership plans. The flexibility of monthly coworking space memberships allows members to change their plans as their businesses grow as opposed to leasing an office space for a year or more without the option to change the size of the space if the business experiences sudden growth. Contact The Domain Abilene to schedule a tour and learn about membership plans and rates.

Can you explain coworking space pricing?

Coworking spaces vary from city to city in terms of layout, amenities and size. Prices also vary with respect to which plan you opt into at The Domain Abilene’s coworking space. Dedicated desk plans at The Domain consist of a workspace, where you work every day, but is not enclosed like a private office. Flexible spaces, hot desks, or shared desk plans are less expensive than dedicated desks. These plans allow you to work at any open space, every day with access to conference rooms at The Domain member rates. For traveling business professionals who need a place to work for the day or for people who need to work out of the office or away from home once a month, community plans are an affordable option.  Private offices offer coworkers at The Domain a lockable space to work out of every day with pricing varying by location. 

At The Domain, coffee, tea, and water are complimentary. Several other factors that affect the price of a coworking space include the amenities offered, security, and access. When selecting a coworking space, keep in mind the features and amenities offered at The Domain Abilene such as business-class office equipment including printers and scanners, super-fast Internet, networking opportunities, cleaning service, and comfortable, well-appointed community areas with Herman Miller furnishings.

The Domain also includes educational and promotional events that help members connect to their coworking community and the local business community at large. Contact The Domain to learn more about plan pricing and what’s included at The Domain.

Do coworking spaces have private offices?

Indeed, they do. At a higher price than community desk spaces and dedicated desk options, coworking spaces have membership plans that can accommodate private offices. Some businesses move into private offices in coworking spaces and stay there. As your business grows and your needs change, some coworking spaces can accommodate your business with entire floors of buildings. At The Domain, we can accommodate companies that need entire buildings. Or, as part of our Enterprise plan, we work with you to design your facility, complete with all of the services and amenities available at our other locations.

What makes a coworking space successful?

A number of factors go into making a coworking space successful. A great location, usually in a business district or in downtown areas, is important. There are often a variety of dining, entertainment and shopping venues in the neighborhood.

The coworking space itself needs to feel welcoming, stylish, and professional with comfortable reception and lounge areas that promote networking and collaboration. Another factor that makes a coworking space successful is that it features flexible, monthly memberships with a variety of different size workspaces available.

  • Community workspace for traveling professionals who need a place to work while in town.
  • Shared desks where members can choose any open space to set up shop for the day.
  • Dedicated desks which are permanent, semi-private spaces, for full-time members.
  • Private offices that offer a permanent working space that is fully equipped and lockable.

diverse community with a variety of businesses and individuals representing a broad spectrum of industries is also key to a successful coworking space. The community atmosphere offers opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals. Social events allow members to connect with one another.

Ultimately, a successful coworking space offers concierge-level service from community managers and a variety of amenities such as complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water, along with super-fast Internet, business-class office machines, plus fully equipped conference rooms. Some plans include conference room hours with additional hours available at member pricing. At The Domain Abilene, we offer everything you need to start working to grow your business and more from the moment you become a member.

Is flexible space different from coworking?

While the terms “flexible space” and “coworking” are often interchanged, there are differences in the setup, the vibe, and the way people work in these spaces. From the time coworking spaces started to catch on, after the 2007-2009 economic downturn, a certain electric energy coursed through coworking spaces, that sparked a sense of community, the collaborative spirit and a social networking aspect that appealed to many young entrepreneurs, tech startups, and other small companies looking to launch their innovative ventures. Many large tech companies, such as Instagram and Spotify, started in coworking spaces before they moved on to open their corporate headquarters. However, coworking spaces began to evolve as some small and medium companies grew into larger, established brands. Many companies that started in coworking spaces remained as they grew due to the flexibility of these spaces, the savings over operating their own offices, and the turnkey office concept. As businesses in coworking spaces grew, many moved into private office spaces or a hybrid of shared desk spaces and private office spaces. A professional atmosphere developed in these flexible, shared spaces where the community consisted of like-minded individuals and established small and medium businesses. The phrase, “flexible, shared office space” grew out of a need for upscale office spaces to distance themselves from the stigma associated with the general hipster party atmosphere that some coworking spaces modeled. When the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way everyone conducts business, The Domain Abilene continued to offer semi-private and private office spaces, in addition to more distanced spaces with room to grow and fewer direct interactions between members than the post-recession, pre-pandemic theory that promoted the idea of more people utilizing the same real estate.

Is coworking a professional solution for my business?

Coworking can be the ideal professional solution for most businesses. Whether you need a full-time place for you and your staff to work in a private, lockable office or you need to meet once a week in a conference room setting or you just need a prestigious, professional address for your business, coworking spaces offer flexible monthly plans that can accommodate your needs. Large companies can also transition to a coworking space or use coworking spaces for their remote teams to work out of, instead of investing in a regional office lease that your company will be required to maintain for years despite economic downturns or growth beyond the boundaries of your leased space.

Some coworking spaces cater to more of the social networking aspects of flexible, shared office space models that taunt the creative and collaborative nature of their spaces. Some of these types of coworking spaces have garnered coworking spaces a reputation as full-time hipster hangouts with numerous distractions that may be counteractive to growing a business. However, other coworking spaces, such as The Domain Abilene are designed to help grow your business, with flexible monthly contracts that save expanding companies the expense and time investment required to lease commercial spaces, in respectable neighborhoods. Long term commercial leases in respectable neighborhoods are reaching prohibitive levels, with significant labor and equipment overheads to maintain. Coworking spaces, such as The Domain Abilene offer well-appointed, contemporary office space surroundings, with an upscale boutique hotel lobby feel, and feature turnkey solutions that allow small- to medium-sized companies to focus on core company initiatives, such as product research and development, as well as data analysis and sales forecasts. The Domain also offers the perks to make your workday as comfortable as possible.

Working among other business professionals facing similar challenges and triumphs, The Domain Abilene communities are geared towards your business exceeding its business goals, rather than fixating on the social aspects of coworking. That’s not to say that The Domain Abilene coworking spaces lack the community aspect of other coworking spaces, it’s merely that the focus is more on growing your business, than on the social aspect of your business. Our networking events and other community events allow you to connect with others with similar professional interests.

If you’re looking for a professional office space solution for your business, we invite you to take a tour of The Domain.

Can I use a coworking space if I’m not a member?

It depends on the coworking space or company but most coworking spaces provide non-members the opportunity to use their facilities as guests by offering day passes for purchase. Day passes typically allow all-day access to common areas, as well as business class fiber Internet service. Day passes can be useful for traveling business professionals, in addition to letting non-members test the waters at a coworking space before committing to a membership.

Some coworking spaces, such as The Domain Abilene, offer their event spaces for non-members at hourly rates for business social networking events, product launches, and other gatherings. Catering is available for events, along with ample parking. Most coworking spaces feature various sized conference rooms and meeting rooms that are available to rent for non-members at an hourly rate for business presentations, team meetings, training sessions, client meetings, and other business needs. Conference and meeting rooms are equipped with everything you need to feel confident about delivering professional presentations. The Domain Abilene community manager can also arrange for catering in meeting and conference rooms.

While non-members are allowed access to common areas via day passes and the use of conferences and meeting rooms at hourly rates, coworking memberships offer businesses and individuals so much more at reduced member rates. Even though you may not need an office to work out of every day or at all, virtual office memberships can give your business the boost of a prestigious business address, with mail and package services and access to all member events, day passes, and member rates for conference and meeting rooms. Coworking spaces work on a scalable, flexible system of monthly contracts so long-term commitments binding members to coworking spaces are not a concern. This also allows businesses to scale up or down as needed.

If you’d like more information about coworking space options as a non-member of The Domain Abilene, please contact us.

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